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We choose our mentors carefully to ensure a high-quality delivery. We are working with CEOs, Directors, and Senior Managers with proven achievements in their fields. They are happy to share their know-how with our mentees and clients. Get to know them.

Top Selection of our Mentors

  • Thanyachat Auttanukune Co-founder of The Coffee House

    Growth consultation, Branding

  • Paul Espinas Ex Director of Marketing at

    HR, Talent Development, Organization Management

  • Mila C. Pascual-Nodusso Ex Strategic HR Leader at IBM Singapore

    Digital Marketing, Brand Building, Digital Recruitment

  • Khổng Loan International Content Editor at Forbes Vietnam

    Media and Journalism

  • Carsten Ley Ex Vice President of Customer Experience at Lazada

    Project Manager Trainer (PMI), Customer Experience Coach, Leadership & Soft Skills Trainer, Public Speaker (Start-up, CX, Projects)

  • Nikol BiLÍkovÁ Director of Marketing at Wisepass

    Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Google Adwords, SEO, Google Analytics, Processing and Data Analysis.

  • Nghi Kinh Founder & CEO at Phleek

    Advertising, PR, Storytelling, Personal Branding

  • TomÁŠ Svoboda Founder of MentorClub

    Sales Skills, Presentation Skills, Personal Development

  • Lena Bucatariu Senior Research Manager at MAP Market Research

    Qualitative Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Job Interview skills, Health care, Higher education

  • Vi Thanh Ton Ho Co-founder and Director of BCA Studio

    Branding, UI/UX Design, Product Development

  • Khanh “Kei” Lam Duy Architect – 3D Visualization Artist

    3D Design, AutoCad, Photoshop, Visualizations

  • Jonathan Dao Ex Project Manager at Carthage Global

    Qualitative Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Job Interview skills, Health care, Higher education

Altogether they have worked for these companies

Why did you join MentorClub?

Jonathan Dao

Co-founder of Connecty

“My main motivation is to empower the next generation of business professionals and join the mission of MentorClub to solve the lack of skills and experience for young professionals.”

Nghi Kinh

Founder & CEO at Phleek

“Because I believe most people have a lot more potential than they realized… I also really like the concept of Mentor Club – learning from other people has given me some of the best lessons in my life.”

Paul Espinas

Founder of UPUP APP

“I am passionate in pursuing daring ideas that help build brands, grow businesses and engage and empower people and I believe that we can achieve this by properly mentoring our peers and enabling them to create innovative ideas and solutions.”

We are always looking for new mentors

Here are three main reasons to join


1. Community

Share your knowledge with young students and help them achieve something great.


2. Meeting other mentors

We are building a strong network of mentors, sharing experiences and willing to help each other out.


3. Meeting new clients

There are lots of new interesting challenges ready to be solved by you and your team of mentees.

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