Our Story

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t has all started in a land far away – the Czech Republic. There was this company called Unifer where they connected hundreds of young talents with tens of mentors working on awesome projects. Amongst those professionals there were Tomas and David. They learned from the best, grew up professionally, and achieved great things. After that they got hired from different companies. Tomas went to work as a sales director for the biggest waste management company in the country. He was bringing in millions of dollars in sales. David followed an educational path. He became a marketing director and he helped to build first American high schools in the Czech Republic.

After few years Thomas moved to Vietnam to be a sales director in a big fin-tech company. But he always wanted to do more, to help people, to give back to the community. That’s why he contacted David and together they started MentorClub, a company similar to that one where they both started. Their goal is to help young people to find their passion, to grow, and to achieve their full potential by giving them opportunities they would not get otherwise. The opportunity to write their own story.

And while helping students they are also helping companies to solve all kind of problems. The great combination of experienced professionals with fresh creative minds of students results in uniques solutions. And companies are falling in love with this concept.

Together they worked for